Centralized Syllabus, Academic Calendar, Lecture Schedule and Lesson Plan is provided. Teachers are provided video recorded lectures for guidelines. Teachers teaches in accordance with provided video lectures. Video lectures are also provided to students at Qaisar School Learning Management System (QSLMS) and to broadcast in classroom in presence of teacher. After the lecture, Quiz session (based on lecture delivered) is done to determine if the students have grasped the lecture or not. In case any student has misconception he/she is guided at spot to clear the concept.


After the lecture, in very next period homework is done by the student in the class in supervision of respective teacher. Teacher monitors each student while doing his/her homework and guides the student wherein required. In this system students learn conceptually. Students may be given some activity-based task for home just to enjoy and learn.


Exam is conducted by the Qaisar School & Academy to determine the quality education. Question Bank is maintained with the help of skilled and qualified teachers. Questions paper is set from the question bank by the system.